Wednesday, March 15, 2017

So very long...

Well, It has been months since I posted any kind of an update. Health issues, homeschool, lack of funds to do THM, and life have gotten in the way. I had every intention of posting my menus that I had made. I wish that I would have been able to just get it done, but I did not. Another issue came up as computer died. I lost everything. All my homeschool stuff, THM menus and plans, pictures of my kids, and all the church stuff I had worked on over the last 4 years. So, I have to start over. This time I will use google drive exclusively and will be able to post as I go.

I have not been on THM much. I did receive the Necessary Foods cookbook for Christmas and have been using it often! I am now in a place where I am pretty sure I can be THM. So, I will begin again and pray things go better this time. I will do my best to post weekly on here. I may not be 100% THM, I will do my best. I am also trying to do a mostly Gluten Free way of life for my family.

Health issues have come up in our home and I believe that gluten is one of the culprits! So out the door it goes. I also wonder about dairy. We shall see. If I take dairy away from my crew I may end up the one out the door! LOL

So please, bear with me as I begin again and try to fulfill my desire to post good menus and lists for you. Now remember we are a family of 9, with three teenagers. We consume a lot of food. I shop predominantly at Aldi and our local grocery store. I do tend to shop weekly, I find it better with all that produce.  Hopefully it will be a blessing...if I can get this going!

God Bless,

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