Wednesday, March 15, 2017

So very long...

Well, It has been months since I posted any kind of an update. Health issues, homeschool, lack of funds to do THM, and life have gotten in the way. I had every intention of posting my menus that I had made. I wish that I would have been able to just get it done, but I did not. Another issue came up as computer died. I lost everything. All my homeschool stuff, THM menus and plans, pictures of my kids, and all the church stuff I had worked on over the last 4 years. So, I have to start over. This time I will use google drive exclusively and will be able to post as I go.

I have not been on THM much. I did receive the Necessary Foods cookbook for Christmas and have been using it often! I am now in a place where I am pretty sure I can be THM. So, I will begin again and pray things go better this time. I will do my best to post weekly on here. I may not be 100% THM, I will do my best. I am also trying to do a mostly Gluten Free way of life for my family.

Health issues have come up in our home and I believe that gluten is one of the culprits! So out the door it goes. I also wonder about dairy. We shall see. If I take dairy away from my crew I may end up the one out the door! LOL

So please, bear with me as I begin again and try to fulfill my desire to post good menus and lists for you. Now remember we are a family of 9, with three teenagers. We consume a lot of food. I shop predominantly at Aldi and our local grocery store. I do tend to shop weekly, I find it better with all that produce.  Hopefully it will be a blessing...if I can get this going!

God Bless,

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Update as of Sept 17, 2016

Hey there everyone!

I apologize it's been a very long time since I have posted here. I truly had every intention of making great menus and posting them for all to use! Then Thyroidectomy came into my life. I had surgery on July 14. After surgery I had some issues. I am still struggling with my parathyroids to start working. In the midst of recovering from surgery our church had it's annual VBS. It's basically a week long kids camp. My hubby and I run it and boy was that fun and exhausting. Then we went straight into school planning and home school. My plan was to get menus done and ready before school started again. My body had other plans.

I do plan to get menus out and posted. I have to be honest though, I have not been THM since surgery. I lost the groove I was in. We also had some financial changes so money is much tighter than before. So if I am going to do THM I can't do it the way I was. I have to do it much less and I am not sure how to do that. I want to though!! I seriously want to make it work on my small budget and show that THM is possible on little money and not using all the extra things or special ingredients. I do use gentle sweet for coffee and other things. But I am back to baking breads, biscuits, scones, and muffins for breakfast. Those are not good for THM!! Yikes!! All the carbs and fats, hello!!

I do want to say that there are other blogs out there that are wonderfully helpful!! Check these ladies out! They have some wonderful recipes, helps, and little tips you may benefit from.

Darcie has some wonderful recipes and menus.
Brianna has great recipes and just printed a cookbook!!! You go Bri!!
Sarah over at Mrs. Criddles Kitchen also has some wonderful recipes!

So, I basically need to figure all this out....again. Thank you for all your patience! I am working on it. I am also homeschooling 7 children. So time is something I am limited on!

God Bless,

Friday, August 5, 2016

Surgery and recover- Hypocalcemia and Hypomagnesia- Getting back on Track!!

Hey everyone! So very sorry to all of you. It has been a very long time. 

For those who didn't know, I was found to have two large masses on my thyroid. They decided they needed to remove my entire thyroid to check for cancer. Praise GOD no cancer!! My surgery went very well, but my recovery has been rough. 

My doctor told me in the beginning that 1-2% of people have issues after a thyroidectomy with calcium levels due to the parathyroids that they do leave in place. Sometime they can be damaged, taken out accidentally, or they can just be shocked and not want to kick in and work. The job of the parathyroid is to regulate calcium as well as other things in your body. So when they do not work, then you lose calcium and FAST! This is called Hypocalcemia.  

I had surgery on July 14, 2016. I left the hospital July 15, 2016. I was put back in the hospital for 5 days on July 16! My calcium had dropped to under 5, normal range is 8.5-10.5. The symptoms you can start having are tingly lips, face, fingers, and toes. Also severe cramps, like charlie horses, in limbs as well. I was also going numb from knees to toes and elbows to finger tips. It was not fun. I had to recieve IV calcium, magnesium, and D3. Also I had to take it orally. When I was discharged I was still low but being managed by oral meds. I am still on them, but the symptoms have gone and levels have risen up to the normal level. Now prayers that we can reduce the calcium meds and it will stay up!

I am starting to feel like myself and able to do much more. My family and friends have been so wonderful during this time. I am so thankful for all the prayers, time given, meals made, and hands on board to get things done. 

I am hoping to get back on track with THM and get menus flying out!! I have been working on transferring some of our old cheap and money saving recipes into THM. Hopefully I can get some of them up and help some of you save money!! We have hit a hard time finacial wise and need to spend as little as possible. I seriously want to show that you can do THM and eat healthy on little funds. Praying the LORD shows me the way!! Even if it is canned veggies and fruits, it can be done! I know Serene and Pearl has a rough time while writing the books and they talk about eating canned items and making the most out of it. Hoping I can make this work and share it with you folks out there!!

So God Bless!! I will do my absolute best to get to work on this and get things posted and usable for you out there that need some help!

In Christ, 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Update on my Thyroid "Cancer"

Hello Reader,

I just wanted to update you all. It has been a crazy few weeks here! God is good! I am set to have surgery on July 14th unless the dr feels I need it sooner. I am having some pain in the right side of my neck and into my collar bone often and most of the time now. We have an appointment with my dr in the morning to discuss the surgery, answer questions about recovery and possible cancer treatments. I can say that this started out as a no big deal, easy peasy surgery and life moves on. Now, I am a little more unsure and looking at it like the big deal that it is. It kind of hit me this week that I could possibly have cancer. It could be spreading. I have 7 kids to care for and wow...that's a lot. But, it also hit me that I have a GREAT BIG GOD!! He is amazing!! SO thankful to walk this road as a child of God and the peace and comfort he brings.

I will post about my surgery and recovery. I just want to share my experience in case it can help someone else. I know it's an easy surgery and should go well.

As for menus and THM planning, I am still working on it. I have to say honestly I have not planned anything in the past couple weeks. We have been flying by the seat of our pants! Lol I know that I need to plan as it is best, but I am trying to fit all the rest of our homeschool year into a month. It is really a lot more than I thought it would be. So we have been doing lots of sandwhiches, hot dogs, and easy meals.

BUT... I weighed in recently! I am down to 225!!! I have not been this weight in YEARS!!! Even though I am not 100% THM, I am still losing weight! Last fall I was 260 lbs. So happy with results. May be slow but it is soooo worth it!!

Hope you are all well!
God Bless!!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Health News..

Any readers...I just wanted to let you know that I am in the home stretch for home schooling. Also, I got some recent health news that has kind of taken a chunk of my time. We found out that I have possible Thyroid Cancer. So I have surgery set up for July 14. I have to have a complete thyroidectomy, removing the entire thyroid. It isn't a major surgery, but is surgery. Dr tells me it is a 3 to 4 hour surgery, 1-2 day hospital stay, 7-10 day recovery, and I could possible have a weak or hoarse voice for a month. So, since July will be taken up by this health issue, I need to finish my schooling and other projects in June. So I have been doing basic, not always THM menus lately.

I do plan to keep working on menus but not sure as to when I will get it all posted and set up for you all. I am very sorry that it has taken me so much longer than I had expected. I really just wanted to set up a blog, post my menus, and that's that. I found it to be more complicated than that. I want it to be nice and easy for you to use, so it has taken more work.

Know that it is a priority but not THE priority right now. Hopefully I can get this stuff set up for you all!! Just wanted to be a blessing but guess it was more than I expected! I will do it though!

God Bless!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

THM and NO More FIBRO pain!!! Reflux....GONE

Well, it's been a long week. We were tight money wise and time wise. I did not make a menu! Mistake!!! But I am thinking it was a good thing in some ways. I was able to prove that the Trim Healthy Mama way of life makes a HUGE difference for Fibromyalgia suffers! At least for this one!

My fibro causes many little issues here and there. One being the pain that radiates throughout my arms. For me that's the worst. It is literally like hot nerves misfiring constantly. Pain meds don't help when it gets that bad. After I started THM it went away, COMPLETELY! I have been on Lyrica for fibro for years. I was able to switch myself to vitamins that helped a lot. They didn't take it away and it would flare up here and there. But I would deal with it, because I dislike being on medicine. One that made a huge difference was Magnesium Malate. Nothing else helped but that. The only thing was I had to take it 3 times a day. Which was fine, I was doing it. I also suffer from severe IBS and gastroparesis, slow emptying of the stomach. I have to be very careful what I eat. Anyway....back to the fibro!

So after I started THM I noticed my pains were not there even when I missed a Mag. Malate pill. Side note: I am extremely forgetful...yes, very very much so. So, I often forget to take it, that was my issue....hence the reason for a flare up! Lol I have not taken Mag. Malate in a long time. Well, this last week we were NOT eating THM at all. I consumed many "crossovers" which weren't really crossovers, just normal old style eating. Lol Also lots of sugar, as I used to. I noticed by Wed my pains, foggy brain, and other things were back. The pains and the restless legs were the worst. I have not had these pains since a couple weeks on THM! So I can say eating THM plan WORKS!! Weight loss or not, the plan works for fibro pain.

The other things I want to share is my 14 yr old son. He has severe reflux. His is so bad he gets these super sonic burps that could peel the paint off your car! LOL, Seriously folks! They are so loud and burn so much he grabs his chest when he has them. They had STOPPED, yes, STOPPED completely on THM plan. He couldn't believe it!! Well, Saturday afternoon driving home my he said, after a huge smelly burp  "Mom, please, can we be on plan this next week!! Please!" I was already feeling his pain! Ha HA! Seriously folks, his burps have been non stop and his pain has increased.

Now, know that we are generally healthy eaters. But mixing carbs and fats was a killer on us. Also having the sugars. Yikes!! We also noticed headaches, nausea, irritability, fatigue, and joint pains. Just from eating normal. Sounds INSANE, I know!!! But it is real and true for this family!

THM has definitely changed my life. Making my menu for the rest of this week today!! If you haven't tried THM, DO!!!!

God Bless,

Friday, April 29, 2016

Recipe Reviews- First Review!!

Another thing I would like to add to my Blog is a review of recipes. I usually just use recipes from the cookbook, but I just started branching out to make other recipes from Mrs. Criddles, Gwen's Nest, and the Coers Family blogs. I will link the recipe and tell ya what we all think of it. So far we have liked most of what we have tried!

My first review will be of a yummy muffin recipe from Mrs. Criddles Kitchen's Blueberry Muffins. They were super yummy!!! I can not believe that I only used 1 cup of flour and got 24 muffins!!! I did not have blueberries so I used raspberries. I think blueberries would have been much better. The rasp. made everything more moist, which has a down side. But the flavor, moisture, and texture were VERY good!! Thank you very very much Mrs. Criddle for these yummy muffins that my entire family of  9 scarfed down!! I do plan to use more recipes from her blog!!!

God Bless,